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Self-Managed Data Center is the Future

The Future is Here Today.

The Future is Here Today.

The Future is Here Today.

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Looking for transformational data center tools that deliver actionable content and rich analytics?

You've come to the right place.

You've come to the right place.

You've come to the right place.

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Applications struggling or failing?

There is a surprising reason why.

There is a surprising reason why.

There is a surprising reason why.

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Tired of not knowing the health of your data center machine fleet - what failed or what is about to fail?

You are not alone.

You are not alone.

You are not alone.

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UnifyPoint Delivers the Self-Managed Data Center

UnifyPoint’s products are designed to self-manage your data center infrastructure fleet so IT personnel can focus on strategic business initiatives instead of performing the daily grind of “keeping the lights on”. The platform automates and orchestrates remediation of infrastructure failures while delivering rich analytics and insights for making fleet-wide data driven decisions. The result is a proactive approach to maximizing health and performance of the infrastructure that applications rely on.

Managing fleets of data center infrastructure is HARD

Tying machine failures to application issues is near IMPOSSIBLE

We designed transformational tools to help you succeed



Health Doctor uses deep domain expertise to monitor your machine fleet and provide actionable content on root cause of failures to achieve high levels of fleet health.

Health Doctor is designed to partner with SRE/DevOps/ITOps professionals in analyzing predictive, hard and flapping failures. This includes curated machine health history along with issue at hand for making fast and accurate actions.


UnifyPoint automates & orchestrates machine service to quickly remediate failures that impact application reliability and performance.

Events, alerts and incident tickets are auto-generated with 100% authenticity. Provides detailed instructions to eliminate repair guess work and auto corrects errors to minimize application impact.


System Manager maintains an accurate, time-stamped inventory of data center machine fleet.

Rich analytics delivers detailed visability and observability across your fleet of machines and enables users to understand what is and what is not working. This empowers IT to make strategic fleet wide decisions to maximize the reliability and performance of your infrastructure that business applications rely on.

System & Component Health = Machine Fleet Health

Machine Fleet Health = Application Health

Application Health = Business Results

Automated Root Cause & Corrective Action

Maintain High Levels of Machine Fleet and Application Health


Use Cases

Cloud & Scale-Out

Distributed Infrastructure for Distributed Appliations in Owned or Co-Location Data Centers

Edge Computing

Modern Infrastructure Deployed in  Locations Close to Application Users

Traditional IT

Dedicated Applications on Industry Standard Infrastructure


Industry Standard Infrastructure Working in Parallel as a Supercomputer

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