Manage Complex IT Infrastructure and Operational Environments with a Simple, Self-Managed Solution

Discover the power of UnifyPoint, where complexities become efficiencies. Experience the ability to proactively solve issues before failures occur with predictive and preventative maintenance.

UnifyPoint's Innovative Data Center Automation

Advanced Operational Automation

UnifyPoint's advanced infrastructure management platform paves the way for a new era of autonomy. Maximize efficiencies with intelligent tools that predict and remediate issues in real-time, allowing your team to focus on innovation and growth.

Intelligent Data Analytics

Unleash the full potential of your assets with UnifyPoint's intelligent analytics. Designed to turn data into action, our platform delivers insights that propel your infrastructure toward peak performance and reliability for meeting application needs.

Comprehensive Intelligent AI Platform

Holistic Health Management

Mitigate risks with our AI-driven predictive failure identification system to proactively safeguard your operations against unforeseen downtime. Fix issues before failures occur to maintain business continuity.

Service Management

Optimize workflows with a fully automated remediation process and ticketing tool integration. Achieve peace of mind knowing tickets are accurate, spare parts are available, repairs are done correctly and are validated before auto closing tickets.

Infra/Cyber/Lifecycle Management

Advanced analytics enhance real-time insights for preventative maintenance and decision-making. Continuously updated and precise data ensures full observability and visibility of assets, enabling swift action of underlying challenges within your environments. Obtain comprehensive insights into what works and what does not.

Transform Your Environment with Proven Innovations

The Low Risk, High Payoff Solution

Gain up to 15X Operational and Asset efficiencies
Achieve Operational Awareness and Control
Up to 90% lower application failures
Maximize application performance
Reduced infrastructure over-provisioning
Lengthen machine lifecycles
Increase cyber-resiliency
An ROI that can be measured in weeks
Find out how much you can save?

Use Cases

Automating Operational Management Across Broad Deployments


Distributed Infrastructure for Distributed Applications on Owned or Rented Hardware


Modern Infrastructure Deployed in Remote Locations Close to Application Users


Industry Standard Infrastructure Working in Parallel as a Single Supercomputer


Dedicated Applications Deployed on Industry Standard Infrastructure

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